Sunday, 9 May 2010


Because we did not start this blog until shortly after buying FTP, some of the early posts are not going to be in chronological order until we catch up.

When we collected FTP he was immaculate. A car is a functional thing, and I view a car as something to do work, and not a status or fashion item. For the first week I was paranoid, parking FTP away from other cars so that he did not get hit by car doors etc. However, after a week I awoke to find that vandals had kicked the passenger side door mirror of, and it was hanging by its electric cable.

I was very irritated, I hate having to waste time, money, and resources having to replace something that was not broken due to fair wear and tear. We dismantled the mirror unit, and sealed of the terminals.

After a few days of reflection I realised that FTP was no longer perfect, but this means that I can now get on and enjoy FTP for the useful tool that he is without having to try and stop the inevitable. FTP, has a job to do, he will get dirty, he will age - perhaps the vandals have done me a favour?

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