Sunday, 22 August 2010

20 mph is good in Corby, or any other residential area for that matter.

Most residential areas in Corby have 20 mph speed limits. I often find drivers impatient, with some coming far too close in the hope that I will drive faster, and some overtaking recklessly, as I try to drive responsibly. People suggest that there is no need to drive at 20, because they have proved 30 (and even 30+) to be safe because they have driven for years without an accident.

The other night I was driving FTP home from Corby station, the sun was shining and the road was dry. I was driving around a Renault Scenic which was parked on the left side of the road, when a 4 year old girl ran from behind the parked car. Having no warning of her presence until she in front of FTP, I managed to stop without hitting her - but only just. I was traveling at 20 mph, if I had have been going at 30 mph I would have hit her.

Incidents are rare, but I am glad I was not reckless, especially with another persons suffering. I have long been sympathetic to the idea of 20 being the standard speed for residential areas; now I have tangible experience that believing 30 mph is safe on residential streets is just wishful thinking.


  1. So based on one experience you're going to condemn the whole of the rest of the country's long distance drivers to a living death because one, presumably unsupervised 4 year child, ran out into the road. When will you people be honest and just admit that you pathologically hate cars.

  2. I think your right, 20 mph on housing estates and residential streets. main arterial routes should remain at 30 mph.