Sunday, 1 May 2011

FTP is a Year (and a bit) Old

I was driving along last night when I had to pull over to the side to mark FTP reaching 20,000 miles. Alas, it was safer to pull over at 19,999 miles to take the mileage photo than wait till around the corner! That reminded me that I would have to check when FTP had his first birthday; upon checking I found we had missed it - registered 8th of April, collected on the 9th.

I think that a year and 20,000 miles fault free is quite an achievement - well done FTP.

Footnote: for a car FTPs size the avaerage annual milage is only 8,500 miles if included with smaller cars such as the Renaut Clio, or 11,200 if grouped with the Ford Focus/Vauxhall Astra. Unfortunately, work is a long way from home.


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