Monday, 18 July 2011

New Perodua UK Website - At Last.

The UK Perodua website was to say the least poor. If the website was my first contact with Perodua, I would more than likely have never got past the first page!

Fortunately, Perodua now has a new UK website, its just so much better than the old one. Hopefully, the inquisitive will get past the website and visit the dealer now.

With the new website comes a useful new page, for people like us who have our car serviced by a non-Perodua dealer. Currently our garage gets photocopies of any information they need from our Perodua dealer; but the new page allows garages to obtain workshop manual details for the Myvi by e-mailing Perodua. Hopefully, this will reassure more people who do not live close to a dealer that a Myvi is a viable car to own.

1 comment:

  1. would you be able to post downloadable content of the myvi workshops manual? Interested in servicing my own myvi !

    West London