Friday, 2 December 2011

First Frost

This week we have had the first frost of the winter - I nealrly missed the train to work because I was not expecting to have to scrape FTP's windows. Also this week Deece uploaded summer holiday pictures from her camera, and so I thought I would share a picture of FTP in the North Yorks Moors, and a road sign to Fryup. Summer Fun.




  1. a number of friends have been so surprised by the performance and space to be found in our "Muriel" (car named after my mother, who recently passed away, so with monies left to us we brought a two year old car!), along with the economic running costs! Me and my wife go out and enjoy travelling in our "Muriel", like two young children, such fun!Not surprised at your commnets at all. No problems with the snow, engine starts first time and very reliable.

  2. Sorry we had not noticed your comment earlier. Its always good to hear from another happy Myvi owner. If you want to do a blog entry on Muriel some time I'll be pleased - its difficult to do many posts 1. because we are always very busy 2. because Myvis are so reliable, it would be boring as they always just do what they are supposed to do!