Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Birthday FTP

Today FTP is two years old. He has done 31,000 miles without giving us any trouble, and has been a pleasure to travel with.

Yesterday, he met up with a distant relation in the Co-op Carpark, and so I had chance to take some photos comparing the appearance of the Perodua Myvi with a Dihatsu Sirion.

Perodua_Myvi_compared with_Daihatsu_Sirion_in_Coop_Carpark_Corby_1

Perodua_Myvi_compared with_Daihatsu_Sirion_in_Coop_Carpark_Corby_10

Perodua_Myvi_compared with_Daihatsu_Sirion_in_Coop_Carpark_Corby_3

Perodua_Myvi_compared with_Daihatsu_Sirion_in_Coop_Carpark_Corby_4

Perodua_Myvi_compared with_Daihatsu_Sirion_in_Coop_Carpark_Corby_6

Perodua_Myvi_compared with_Daihatsu_Sirion_in_Coop_Carpark_Corby_7

Perodua_Myvi_compared with_Daihatsu_Sirion_in_Coop_Carpark_Corby_8

Perodua_Myvi_compared with_Daihatsu_Sirion_in_Coop_Carpark_Corby_9

I also noted that the dash designs are very similar.

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