Saturday, 17 November 2012

FTP Goes To Cornwall

FTP took us on holiday to Cornwall. Eight days away, just under 1,400 miles, and everyone was happy. As you would expect at the end of October, and the beginning of November the weather was not brilliant, but it did not stop Denise and myself having a great time. Stayed at Invernook Hotel, Newquay, which served our purposes well.

We have been back for over a week and I have not posted because I intended to put an MPG figure to the trip ~ this week I have gone to work on the train and so I have not filled up to give a final usage figure (will add later as a comment).







  1. Hello there Steve! Been following your blog for over a year now. I find it amazing that there are people (including you) that actually drive MyVis in the UK. I am from Malaysia myself, and am currently studying in Kent. I was wondering whether I could ask something regarding your MyVi?

  2. Hi Alex, sorry I have not replied straight away, but have been working nights.

    I am surprised there are not more people driving Myvis in the UK...

    I had many Malay friends when I was at collage in the late 70s; Oldham Collage of Technology was a popular choice for Malays wishing to get into UK Universities. Unfortunately, lost touch with them as time went on.

    Of course you can ask a question?

    Hope you are enjoying your time in Kent.


  3. It is alright. I understand.

    I've seen a couple around, one 06-plate and I believe the other one was a 58 or 08-plate.

    Nice! Were they from KL or something?

    I film cars as a hobby for my YouTube channel, and some people have requested that I film Protons or Peroduas that are UK-spec. When I came over here, as I have been following your blog for awhile now, I thought I'd just ask the question of whether I could film your MyVi for my YouTube channel, alexlovesmac?


  4. I theory yes. However, we live a long way from Kent.

    I would try visiting John Childs

    your local dealer. I'm sure they will have several Myvis, and other Peroduas, in pristine condition, and only in Ashford.

  5. I saw this link in the comment you make about the Week St Mary wind farm planning application. This wind farm will affected the lives of 1000’s of people who live in the surrounding villages. It will be the largest wind farm in Cornwall. Your blog page does not show that you have ever visited any of these villages, or that you know anyone who lives here. You obviously don’t care about any of us. Did you know that in 2001 our village was devastated by Foot and Mouth – five farmers committed suicide. Now the quality of our lives is going to be ruined by this giant industrial wind farm. House prices have already fallen by 30 percent just because of the application. The landscape in which we have lived all our lives will be destroyed. It is disgraceful that someone who has only been to a car park at Widemouth Bay should think that they have a right to comment on this wind farm.