Thursday, 21 February 2013

Speedwell Cavern, Castleton.

Las t week we got back from a few days away in Buxton, a spa town in the Peak District. It snowed, but this probably addded to the magic of our break. Staint Annes Well spouted warm Buxton Spring Water, it tasted delicious, even in the snow.

The lines on the picture are falling snow flakes.


Deece was particulary impressed with Speedwell Cavern. Speedwell Cavern is an old lead mine whose tunnels are permanatly semi-filled with water.

We found Speedwell after a beautiful drive theough the Winnats Pass


FTP_Perodua_Myvi_Speedwell_Cavern_Winnats_Pass_DerbyshireFTP parked outside Speedwell Cavern, with Winnats Pass behind.


Speedwell_Cavern_Derbyshire_1Beyond the natural unerground cavern.

Speedwell_Cavern_Derbyshire_2Deece in the boat.

Speedwell_Cavern_Derbyshire_3Our guide. Speedwell was not busy; indeed we had the mine to ourselves - a lot to be said for visiting places out of the holiday season.

Speedwell_Cavern_Derbyshire_4The steps out.

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