Saturday, 16 October 2010 - not in a Perodua

My car insurance was due this week, and although my Co-operative Insurance renewal quote was reasonable I still checked some of the alternatives.

Swiftcover seem to be spending a lot of money on their Iggy Pop advertising campaign, so I thought I would see how much they charged. I entered my details and their website replied that they were unable to give me a quote!

I found this odd, I would have thought I was an ideal person to insure, never had an endorsement, standard car, maximum no-claims, never caused a claim, etc. So after three emails Swiftcover replied:

"Dear Mr Barker,

Thank you for your e-mail.

At present, we do not offer cover on any model of Perodua vehicle.
Therefore, we cannot offer you insurance.

Kind Regards

Rachel Colmer

Swift Help Team"

So because there are not many Peroduas about they have not listed them on their system - their loss, I have always been happy with the Co-operative Insurance anyway.

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