Sunday, 31 October 2010

10,000 miles



  1. i like the way u like ur myvi!! even to create a blog for it!! i feel quite ashamed of my own countryman ( i m a malaysian). most of our citizens adore imported cars and criticise proton n prerodua...saying that they are of low quality...low standard... but u , a british ,buys n loves our car so much! we should learn more how to appreciate things n criticise less . that is how life supposed to be ... to enjoy it to the fullest :)

  2. The other mans grass is always greener......

    Certainly, the Myvi puts many cars to shame, it does all the things a car should do, comfortably, reliably and at a fraction of the price. People and be silly...

  3. I have a myvi in England. It is OK. Insurance from LV, no problem. First annual service is due. The dealer says £120 + Vat, but I will probably get oil and a filter and do it myself.