Thursday, 4 November 2010

FTP Relaxes on Holiday

Currently we are in Northern Island, but FTP finds a little time to relax on Downhill Beach....




  1. Our 2010 Myvi is just about to hit 10k, going well apart from water in the horn, the air filter being fitted upside down at the factory and the light switch rubber cowlings being too stiff in the cold weather so interior light does not come on-standard Myvi fault; see Our 2006 Myvi is perfect at 40k. Just fitted winter tyres to both cars on the spare wheels given to us by our Lincoln dealer who throws them away when fitting alloys to many of his sold cars; noticably better grip and braking in the wet and surprisingly they are quieter and softer too. 2010 car on Hankook Icebear W440s (set of 4 £180.40 fitted) and 2006 car on Avon Ice Tourings (set of 4 £164.00 fitted). Highly recommended. Our cars also fitted with Philips Xtreme +80% H4 headlight bulbs (£20 ebay), 6 LED white sidelight bulbs (£5 ebay), longer Corsa twist aerial (£5 vauxparts) and Daihatsu Sirion parcel shelf hooks and strings (£16 from Daihatsu).

    Great cars and very under-rated. Check the main Perodua website to see the context of the Myvi in its home country and alos see the Alza-we really wish Perodua UK would bring them into the UK.

    Nice blog!

  2. Glad you like your Myvis. Have not tried the interior light auto switch in cold weather, it worked in the hot weather when new, but I have the light set to off and only put it on when I want to use it. I have noticed that often I can open the drivers door with the keys in the ignition whithout the warning beep - every other door beeps every time! Ours has no customisations, yet, too busy working and driving (mainly to work).

  3. PS I agree the Alza would be welcome on UK roads.

  4. Hi Steve, the fault is the rubber being too stiff to remain pliant in our colder climate so the internal switch plunger cannot release far enough to make a circuit. It sounds like this is happening on only your driver's door light switch, and as this is not activating, the key in alarm does not sound. Try peeling back the rubber shroud off the plunger end and leaving it loose, this will allow the plunger to activate and thus let the car know the door is open-this will prevent the auto-relock of the door after 30 seconds. With a faulty switch, it is very easy for the doors to automatically re-lock and lock your keys in!

  5. I am experimenting with the interior light set to the door position> I was surprised that the interior light comes on when I put the key in the door! Also comes on when I remove the key from the ignition!