Thursday, 23 February 2012

Kent Close, Northampton.

A few weeks ago I had to collect something from Berrywood Hospital, Northampton. I drove out of Berrywood towards the old psychiatric hospital, St Crispins. I stopped at a temporary traffic light, the whole area is a big building site, and took a picture of St Crispins clock tower.

Kent Close northampton 1

I turned towards St Crispins and found myself behind a digger belonging to James King, I laughed because I had just been listening to King James Version, some excellent reggae music by Steel Pulse.

Kent Close Northampton 2

I followed the digger for a while and found myself driving into Kent Close. Kent Close used to be staff housing belonging to the Princess Marina Hospital, but they have been empty for a few years awaiting demolition, and the building of another new housing estate. I had tried to drive into Kent Close previously, but had been unsuccessful, because I used to live at 8 Kent Close many years ago and wished to see what had happened to my old house.

Kent Close Northampton 3
8 Kent Close, from where I had parked FTP in the middle of the close.

Kent Close Northampton 4
8 Kent Close, front door and car port.

8 Kent Close, across the rear garden.

8 Kent Close, from the side.

The layout of Kent Close, and its houses is unusual, land did not appear to have been at a premium, and the houses are a strange wedge shape.

kent_close_northampton_from_ above

FTP parked on Kent Close

Most houses had three beddrooms with one upstairs, but there were a few bungalows.

A very nice couple and their daughter lived at this one.

There was lots of safe space for children to play.

Looking towards number 8, as I left.

The New Nurses Home!

Whilst life was difficult during my time at Kent Close, I have many fond memories, and believe it was a great place to live, especially for children. It seems a shame it will all become another housing estate, like the one built just above it:


Finally, FTP and myself stopped of at Chapel at St Crispins, as we left.


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