Thursday, 15 March 2012

30,000 Miles / Recently

Last night I was on the way to pick up an Indian takeaway when I realised 30,000 miles would occur on the way home. I intended to stop and take a picture at 30,000, but I think I must have forgotten with the smell of good food, and had to take the photo at 30,003 this morning.


30,000 miles, has gone quick. So has the last two years. When I was looking for something in the glove compartment I found the breakdown cover guide, still where I put it when FTP was new, the two years free cover runs out in less than a month!


Recently, I had not realised that the condensation of the windscreen was indeed frozen and split one of the blades when I tried to wipe the window. I called at a local car accessory shop and asked for wiper blades for a Perodua Myvi. Both salesmen said "A what...?", and then were none the wiser as Perodua was not listed in their wiper book. One of the men came out and measured the wipers. Standard blades and fittings fitted the front, and he cut a blade to fit into the rear housing, because it is a cheaper option than replacing the full arm.

I always find it strange when people have not heard of the Myvi, especially in the auto trade; because, I do not think there is anything much else out there that offers such good value for money. I find it hard to believe that according to the Society of Motor Manufactures and Traders only 543 Peroduas were sold in the UK last year! Although that is higher than total Proton sales, who although being a much better know brand in the UK, and having four different models, only sold 446 cars last year.

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