Saturday, 8 September 2012

Egg Vandals (Again)

Yesterday I went out to get the train to work at 06.00, and the egg vandal had struck again.

Since I last mentioned this problem on the blog, FTP has had a another attack, but that was during heavy rain and did not stick.

Yesterdays was the the sixth attack, and had to be on the 7th because I did not get home from work till 23.30 on the 6th. I did not have time to deal with the issue because I did not have time and would miss my train. However, Deece was a hero and got in a Taxi to the station (on her way to work), with a bucket, a large bottle of water, a sponge, and a spray of vinegar solution, and dealt with the problem before it dried.



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  1. Ive been marathoning your blog, and whats up with the vehicle vandalism since the day you bought it?