Sunday, 9 September 2012

Extreme Myvi Packing

Several years ago the farther-in-law was having problems with cramp in the night stoping him sleeping. To resolve this we bought the in-laws a waterbed. This resolved the cramp issue because the the gentle support at body temperature maintained circulation. Alas, now the waterbed is no longer needed, so yesterday we moved it to a new home. All of this wooden frame, and foam, excluding the headboard: moving_WATERBED_ moving_WATERBED_1 Fitted into FTP in one trip, just leaving the Waterbags for a second trip: moving_WATERBED The front seat was moved as far forward as possible and the wood was built up filling the passengers side of the car. The foam was then added to this. This left enough room for two occupants. The one problem I did have was that I could not see to the left of the car, and so I had to work out a route that did not involve right turns!

I'm just so glad the Myvi is like a Tardis on the inside.

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