Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Perodua Hot Dog / Coffee Van

A Perodua in the UK tends remain in the specification it arrived in the UK. Perodua modification is popular in Malaysia, but not here! Hence, I was surprised to find a very non-standard Perodua Nippa advertised on Gumtree. Although not that stylish, its certainly non-standard: a hotdog van ~





Screen shot of original advert.


  1. Hello one and all.....I've had a Myvi for about 5 months now and love 99% of it. However a couple of questions - on normal smooth road surfaces it rides really well, but hit a pothole and wow the whole car shudders and so do I. I have been investigating getting a better suspension set up (having to look at Sirion aftermarket parts of course) has anyone gone this route and can advise. cheers