Thursday, 23 February 2012

Kent Close, Northampton.

A few weeks ago I had to collect something from Berrywood Hospital, Northampton. I drove out of Berrywood towards the old psychiatric hospital, St Crispins. I stopped at a temporary traffic light, the whole area is a big building site, and took a picture of St Crispins clock tower.

Kent Close northampton 1

I turned towards St Crispins and found myself behind a digger belonging to James King, I laughed because I had just been listening to King James Version, some excellent reggae music by Steel Pulse.

Kent Close Northampton 2

I followed the digger for a while and found myself driving into Kent Close. Kent Close used to be staff housing belonging to the Princess Marina Hospital, but they have been empty for a few years awaiting demolition, and the building of another new housing estate. I had tried to drive into Kent Close previously, but had been unsuccessful, because I used to live at 8 Kent Close many years ago and wished to see what had happened to my old house.

Kent Close Northampton 3
8 Kent Close, from where I had parked FTP in the middle of the close.

Kent Close Northampton 4
8 Kent Close, front door and car port.

8 Kent Close, across the rear garden.

8 Kent Close, from the side.

The layout of Kent Close, and its houses is unusual, land did not appear to have been at a premium, and the houses are a strange wedge shape.

kent_close_northampton_from_ above

FTP parked on Kent Close

Most houses had three beddrooms with one upstairs, but there were a few bungalows.

A very nice couple and their daughter lived at this one.

There was lots of safe space for children to play.

Looking towards number 8, as I left.

The New Nurses Home!

Whilst life was difficult during my time at Kent Close, I have many fond memories, and believe it was a great place to live, especially for children. It seems a shame it will all become another housing estate, like the one built just above it:


Finally, FTP and myself stopped of at Chapel at St Crispins, as we left.


Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Sometimes the boot is full of computers, when you see someone has cut down a tree on your way home...

...theres no alternative but the front footwell!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Ice Crystals

Went to drive FTP yesterday and he was covered in ice crystals: