Thursday, 9 May 2013

First MOT

Been far too busy lately. This has meant I have missed a few posts, so heres a compilation.

Quite some time ago FTP had his 40,000 mile service - no issues. Still have the original brake pads (scheduled says check from 20.000 miles), I do use the brakes less than most, using the gearbox predominately instead for slowing.

FTP Passed his first MOT (Ministry of Transport Test), first time without any problems. I had forgotten the MOT was due, and so did not have time to check the lights, etc. Thus, I was concerned that he may fail on something silly, but FTP sailed trough.

The MOT certificate is shown below. At one time MOT certificates looked like official documents, with official rubber stamps and watermarks, but now that everything can be checked instantly on-line, the certificate is just a shoddy piece of A4 paper!


Problem: Some time back the air conditioning stopped working. We thought it must need re-gassing because it had only been used a couple of times in the first year of having the the car.

I tend to open a window if below 40mph, or not bother, but very occasionally Denise will want it on. Because this is the first car we have had with air conditioning, I did not know that you need to run the system regularly to stop the gas leaking. My view on air conditioning has always been, why add another thing to a car to go wrong?

Denise decided that we might as well fix the air conditioning. Because the garage that does my servicing could not re-gas I took FTP to a local Suzuki dealer, Coop Motors , Kettering. When they tried re-gassing they found a small hole in one of the aluminum air conditioning pipes. The pipe runs behind the front grill, and Co-op Motors believed that the pipe may have been hit by a stone thrown up by a vehicle in front. However, they thought I was very unlucky, because the pipe is protected by the grill.


Not being Perodua dealers, Co-op Motors contacted the nearest Perodua dealer, the Garage at Blakesley, who supplied the part, so that Co-op Motors could restore our air conditioning.