Friday, 28 September 2012

The Corby Candle

The Corby Candle is a well known public house in Corby. It is named after a large chimney at the Corby Steel Works, which had red flames at the top, giving it its name. It is said the Corby Candle pub was the first place many Scots moving to Corby went once they got of the bus from Glasgow.

The Candle is currently closed for refurbishment. As I walked past today the tile plaque by the door was just about to be covered by hideous beige plastic cladding. At least the plaque will still be there under the cladding to be unearthed another day...


Saturday, 22 September 2012

FTPs Youngest (Human) Passenger To Date

FTPs younget passenger to date gets back into his seat, just before falling asleep, after an enjoyable day at Sacrewell Farm.


Sunday, 9 September 2012

Extreme Myvi Packing

Several years ago the farther-in-law was having problems with cramp in the night stoping him sleeping. To resolve this we bought the in-laws a waterbed. This resolved the cramp issue because the the gentle support at body temperature maintained circulation. Alas, now the waterbed is no longer needed, so yesterday we moved it to a new home. All of this wooden frame, and foam, excluding the headboard: moving_WATERBED_ moving_WATERBED_1 Fitted into FTP in one trip, just leaving the Waterbags for a second trip: moving_WATERBED The front seat was moved as far forward as possible and the wood was built up filling the passengers side of the car. The foam was then added to this. This left enough room for two occupants. The one problem I did have was that I could not see to the left of the car, and so I had to work out a route that did not involve right turns!

I'm just so glad the Myvi is like a Tardis on the inside.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Egg Vandals (Again)

Yesterday I went out to get the train to work at 06.00, and the egg vandal had struck again.

Since I last mentioned this problem on the blog, FTP has had a another attack, but that was during heavy rain and did not stick.

Yesterdays was the the sixth attack, and had to be on the 7th because I did not get home from work till 23.30 on the 6th. I did not have time to deal with the issue because I did not have time and would miss my train. However, Deece was a hero and got in a Taxi to the station (on her way to work), with a bucket, a large bottle of water, a sponge, and a spray of vinegar solution, and dealt with the problem before it dried.