Saturday, 21 April 2012

New Shoes

I've needed a pair of shoes for a while now. Wanted something nice, and living in Northamptonshire something made locally. Unfortunately, it seems to be getting harder and harder to buy shoes that are made in Northamptonshire - once the capital of the shoe industry. Fortunately, I came across a company called VeganLine, Although I am not a vegan, I appreciate the fact that Veganline rate their shoes ethically, and some are locally made.

I found a pair of shoes called camouflage shoes, with soles similar to Doc Martins which I used to buy and like, so I thought I would give them a go (price is half what it states on the web-site). They arrived by return post on Thursday, but I was not able to collect them until this morning from the local Royal Mail sorting office ~ when I eventually got in: Police would not allow anyone in because they were removing a bloke who wanted to pay by cheque, and was abusing the staff.

I got my shoes home, and put them on about half ten, its now twelve hours later and they have not left my feet, I've driven to Leicester, been shopping, driven to Kettering, done some jobs, and am now back at home with them still on, and they are still very comfortable. I'm impressed!

IMG_2012-04-21 IMG_2012-04-21


Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Birthday FTP

Today FTP is two years old. He has done 31,000 miles without giving us any trouble, and has been a pleasure to travel with.

Yesterday, he met up with a distant relation in the Co-op Carpark, and so I had chance to take some photos comparing the appearance of the Perodua Myvi with a Dihatsu Sirion.

Perodua_Myvi_compared with_Daihatsu_Sirion_in_Coop_Carpark_Corby_1

Perodua_Myvi_compared with_Daihatsu_Sirion_in_Coop_Carpark_Corby_10

Perodua_Myvi_compared with_Daihatsu_Sirion_in_Coop_Carpark_Corby_3

Perodua_Myvi_compared with_Daihatsu_Sirion_in_Coop_Carpark_Corby_4

Perodua_Myvi_compared with_Daihatsu_Sirion_in_Coop_Carpark_Corby_6

Perodua_Myvi_compared with_Daihatsu_Sirion_in_Coop_Carpark_Corby_7

Perodua_Myvi_compared with_Daihatsu_Sirion_in_Coop_Carpark_Corby_8

Perodua_Myvi_compared with_Daihatsu_Sirion_in_Coop_Carpark_Corby_9

I also noted that the dash designs are very similar.

Monday, 2 April 2012

FTP Gets a Wash and Wax

I am not a great one for washing cars, perhaps once a year whether they need it or not (although most years I forget). However, with FTPs second birthday coming up I thought I would treat him to a car wash. I have not been through a car wash myself since I was about 7 years old, and I must say I did not like being taken along by the conveyor without being in control~ but FTP does look better for all my stress!

Must say Rose Royce make it seem much less stressful, and should help you cope with the pictures of FTPs carwash:







All clean, apart from the inner door sills! + suppose FTP should have his first vacuum after two years.