Sunday, 25 August 2013

Holiday - Isle of Wight

Had a couple of weeks on the Isle of Wight. Originally booked for one week, but stayed for two. Camped near Sandown, and just relaxed. The Isle of Wight like many islands just feels so much more relaxed than the bustling mainland, for example when pottering along, tourist style, no one hoots or tries to overtake dangerously!

A friend at work has just returned recently and said that he, "Just could not have believed that there is somewhere so relaxed in Southern England."

Rather than write on and on, here are some pictures:

















Air Conditioning

As mentioned in an earlier post, FTP had to go into the garage for a few days. A strange noise was coming from the V belt which runs the alternator, power steering and air conditioning. Upon closer inspection there appeared to be damage to the belt.

The garage found that the air conditioning compressor was not running freely, which in turn was not allowing the belt to run properly. Rather than replace the compressor the garage removed the compressor and fitted a shorter belt. I have never wanted air cinditioning because I have always seen such things as adding more to a car to go wrong. Alas, my prophecy appears right, with FTP having no issues in 44,000 miles other than the air conditioning!

The garage said that they had never known a compressor to fail. They stated that compressor looked as though it had been submerged in water, causing loss of lubrication on the bearings. Thinking about this, it may be due to my enjoyment of driving through fords, especially the local one at Geddington, which I enjoy driving through all year round - after all its more fun when deep! I also enjoy exploring the Welland Valley when the river floods.

The_Ford_at_Geddington_Northamptonshire_summer_2013Geddington Ford, August 2013

I wondered if Perodua fitted poor quality air conditioning compressors, and so checked the part number: Denso HFC 13.4a. Upon checking this compressor is used by Toyota, Lexus, Land Rover, Mazda, and others. Hence, it is not an inferior part to standards of other manufacturers. Plus, should I decide to replace it and have air conditioning in the future, its cheap to buy of e-bay.

Do I still think the Myvi is reliable? Yes, but probably best not to regularly drive though fords, especially when deep in winter, if you wish to keep the air conditioning working!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Will the UK be getting the facelifted Myvi?

The Myvi is a great car. However, in the UK sales are small. The Myvi we have is several years old. In Malaysia there is a newer version. Are we about to get it in the UK?

I happened to visit a dealers website in √Čire, and found details listing the facelifted Myvi. it even gives a starting price of €10,500, and has a PDF brochure. Unfortunately, they do not have one in stock yet.

image_myvi value

Hopefully, the new Myvi will be here soon, and Perodua publicity and sales will increase accordingly.

Friday, 2 August 2013

FTP Great To Have You Back

FTP has been in the garage for a few days, so I had a Toyota Yaris to cover this. Although, the Yaris is twice the price of our Myvi we are so glad to have FTP back. Why anyone would pay that much for the Yaris when the Myvi is available I do not know!

FTP_Perodua_Myvi_in_Toyota_Yaris_rear_View_Reversing_CameraFTP avives home - and we say ferwell to the Yaris, via the Yaris reversing camers

I am very busy at the moment but as soon as I have chance I will cover recent events in full.